Eclectic apartment in Kiev. Apartamento ecléctico en Kiev.

Este apartamento se encuentra en el cuarto piso de una casa nueva en la parte histórica de Kiev. La decoración y los muebles están hechos de materiales naturales que adornan el espacio, suavizando las formas minimalistas. Casi todos los muebles … Sigue leyendo

Modern apartment in Ukraine. Apartamento moderno en Ucrania.

The apartment layout planning was limited by all windows facing one side of the building. The apartment layout planning was limited by all windows facing one side of the building. It is a modern and functional apartment for a young family … Sigue leyendo

Swedish 144.35 sq ft apartment. Apartamento sueco de 44 m2.

This apartment is located in an attic, was built 1897, in Gothenburg, Sweden. I think that scandinavian interior designers are able to decorate any space. It has only one bathroom, and an open design where they combine the bedroom, living room and … Sigue leyendo

Peter Ferenc Apartment. Apartamento de Peter Ferenc

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Peter Ferenc designer’s apartment in Berlin is small, just 196,85 square feets, but very sofisticated and without almost walls, which make more space. It just have a pair of windows and modern art decoration is living with antique dark furnitures. … Sigue leyendo

A vey lovely apartment!!. Un apartamento adorable!!

A mix of pattern give us a prefect combination. This apartment is cosy, adorable, stylish and beautiful. I would like to live there right now indeed, don’t you think so? 🙂 Una mezcla de estampados que nos da una combinación … Sigue leyendo