A quiet lakeside home. Una tranquila casa junto al lago.

A quiet lakeside home situated in Minnesota. A lakeside living lifestyle. The goal for the project was to make selections that would highlight the home’s incredible lake views, while also focusing on functionality for daily. We love how the designers … Sigue leyendo

Falmouth Summer Residence.

Falmouth Residence is a summer house, is situated in the town of Falmouth, Massachusetts. The interiors reflect beautiful water views and the love of color, creating a stylish family retreat for the whole family to enjoy. I love every sailor … Sigue leyendo

Just inspiration.

The lake home. La casa del lago.

Love all lamps in this house. The patterns used , and the way to mix antique and modern furnitures, give more personality to each room. Me encantan todas las lámparas de esta casa. Los estampados usados, , y el modo de … Sigue leyendo